About Omnia

When preserving and restoring a historic vehicle, more and more enthusiasts develop an increased awareness for original materials and the historic coherence of their collections. Especially when so called „preservation class cars“ are concerned, which have survived in more or less unrestored condition, many owners are turning their back on the concept of ”better than new“.

Material originality has become an important issue today and the loss of historic paintwork or the first interior can be seen as a de-valuation compared to a vehicle in a very original, used but well kept condition. When "conventional" treatments and repair methods are used, historic paints and other original fabrics usually will be completely removed, to rework the vehicle with modern materials. As a consequence the authentic surfaces and their unique appearance will be irretrievably lost.


Other than this, I can offer individual consultation, tailor-made concepts, materials and methods which allow the conservation and restoration of historic paints and coatings,  leather, artificial leather, and textiles, wooden components  or metal platings. This way of treatment allows to heal damages in the historic materials with a minimum loss of original fabric, so the vehicle can be kept in a historic, well-tended appearance and in operation.


For mechanical and techical repairs or bodywork restoration I closely cooperate with acknowledged specialists.  These professionals support actively the detailed approach of ”preserving and using“.


Precise counseling, detailed examination and scientific analysis of historic materials also have become more and more important for the owners when it comes to questions of originality and authentication. In this way questions like „which colour did the car have originally?“, „does the vehicle still bear its original paint ?“ or „is this the primary upholstery?“ can be answered in most cases. These finds then can be used to authentically reconstruct components or will give evidence for provenance and complete the historic documentation.


If you like to know more about reference projects, you can find details here.